Joypuke III available now!

We are pleased to finally announce the arrival of Joypuke III, the latest (and fashionably so) instalment of our literary journal.

The same ol’ loveably eclectic mix of literary styles, Joypuke is back, and this time artfully wrapped in a paper bag with little critters and even more stories to tell.

Featuring Joypuke favourites like CEE, Bryan Boodhoo, and Kennedy Lundberg alongside new authors Candace de Taeye, Michelle McLean, Ryan Racine and many, many more, Joypuke III boasts a diverse cast of talented writers from across Canada and the nations

From the introduction of Joypuke III:

We encourage you to read the journal from start to finish, and to take part in the interplay of contrasts that is at the heart of Joypuke’s mission: to produce dialogue through dissonance….Featuring stylistic juxtapositions – the whimsical with the visceral, the critical with the flippant – we hope that Joypuke inspires in you intriguing questions, connections, and reflections, just as it did and does for us.

To support student publishing and start reading asap, purchase your copies online here!

Copies will be available at select bookstores around Canada TBA shortly. For those of you lucky enough to live in Sackville, NB, email us at for your own hand-delivered copies. 🙂 

And now, to catch our breaths from this exciting news, we wish to thank everyone who made the project possible:

Joypuke III. Back cover. Laura K. Watson

For your creative energy and dedication to making exceptional literature, thank you to all contributors. We hope you come back for four!

For presenting/wrapping Joypuke in a unique and enticing way, thank you to artist Laura K. Watson.

For your reliable emergency photoshop assistance, thank you to the talented Marina Mavridis and the equally talented but sadly recently graduated Underbridge member, Peter Atwood. For your emergency edits as well, thank you once again, Peter.

And finally, for making all of our projects meaningful and worthwhile, a big thank you to our readers! May your next reading experience be exceptionally joyous.


The Underbridge Press

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