Joypuke II

Joypuke II. $8 + shipping.

The second issue of Joypuke continues the tradition of excellence set out by the first, featuring quality poetry, prose, and creative non-fiction from authors across North America and beyond.

One thought on “Joypuke II

  1. CEE says:

    The issue is compact, bound So Solidly, that Mr. Drops Everything These Last Years, couldn’t hurt it! And, the subtle use of color and symbology, re: The High Priestess (that’d be Major Arcana card no. “II”, ya see), makes for a happy surprise–especially for me. I ordered More! And will, again!
    Special Thanks, to the folks at UP, for their acceptance and virtual “featuring” of me. Between my “having he final word” and my placement on the back cover, I’m sure I’ll be back, yet again! Joypuke II is a gift, and I needed it. That’s what forces of nature are about, you know…Need.–CEE

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