Ragged, by Taylor Losier. $18 + shipping.

There are some people who would give anything to protect those they love from physical harm. Regnus Dvarm was born with exactly that ability. The deities of his land, mighty Spirits, have cursed him so that he may take the pain of those he wishes to protect, but at a cost: he is left hurt, orphaned, and angry, hiding his face from the world. When a Priestess, serving the Spirits he hates above all else, comes seeking Regnus’ help to restore balance amongst the deities, he is torn between his own beliefs and the call of freedom beyond the Port City’s walls. Soon, Regnus finds himself caught in a battle beyond his expectation, and the fate of the Island will rest on the shoulders of those it has scarred the most.

Taylor Losier grew up in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, and attends Mount Allison University. At the age of 16 she was a winner of the Robert Bateman Get To Know writing contest with her poem “Tree of Life”. Ragged is her first novel.

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