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Joypuke I

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One thought on “Our Books

  1. CEE says:

    Oh, where, oh, where, has my Joypuke III, gone? Oh, whurra, whurra? Whither, thither?

    CEE, checking in…and I’ve not hamburger for the masses, but the raw meat of Twain America’s pit fight:

    “Ironclad Beta for the Coming PPV”, the last “disappeared” CEE chap (long story–there are some BAD PEOPLE, out there), will see print for the first time, in the next 6 weeks. The felicitously-named Robert Louis Henry of Leaf Garden Press (Sacramento, CA), is this very NOW, in the last stage of prettifying my final “postcard” chap, which also pays the debt to a last fixation in American History: The Battle of Hampton Roads. Utilizing postcards as far back as the 1907 Jamestown Exposition, ol’ CEE gives you a parting manifesto, “the utter pacifism of equality, as No Advantage, signifies the end of violence”…only, it doesn’t, not between proto-iron vessels, not between extreme opinions. Twain Nation is such, because it never learned. As “Ironclad Beta for the Coming PPV” demonstrates, visual and mind. The shooting’s about to start. Duh. I hope this title hits, Soon….

    That’s “CEE”. 7 poems, in Joypuke II–6 more, in #3, if and when. All the best to friends in NB. Can I come live with You?

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